8 Best Massage Chairs (Reviews & Ultimate Guide 2019)

Massages are clinically proven to reduce stress and increase your well-being. Targeting tense regions of your body relieves pressure and releases endorphins, which make you feel happier and less stressed.

Massages also increase blood flow and improve the healing process. Massaging chairs bring the process into your home and often fill the same role as a masseuse. This website I found named healthnerdy.com discusses the best massage chair models and review top models and put Luraco I7 Plus chair as a winner.

I think that full-body massage chairs such as the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair and the Titan TI-7900 Massage Chair target the entire body better than Luraco, and the best massage chairs come with sensors that survey your body and identify acupuncture points, then develop a customized massage for you.

Full-body massage chairs can reach everything from the soles of your feet to your neck. Different technologies and techniques work differently, just like different massage therapists perform different exercises.

Massage chairs like the EarthLite Avila II Portable Massage Chair Packagecan also be the portable chairs massage specialists take with them to seminars or home visits. These chairs are much lighter and simpler than the full units.

Best Massage Chair Reviews (2019 Updated List)

#1 Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

Inada leverages Japanese quality and design to produce the high-end DreamWave Massage Chair. By focusing on a Japanese approach to natural healing and wellness, the DreamWave primarily employs shiatsu point-detection technology to identify your body’s needs. Inada also claims that the DreamWave covers a larger massage area than any other massaging chair out there – 1,200 square inches, which helps you to relax more fully.

Inada leverages Japanese quality and design to produce the high-end DreamWave Massage Chair. By focusing on a Japanese approach to natural healing and wellness, the DreamWave primarily employs shiatsu point-detection technology to identify your body’s needs. Inada also claims that the DreamWave covers a larger massage area than any other massaging chair out there – 1,200 square inches, which helps you to relax more fully.

Sixteen preprogrammed massage session options are available on the Inada DreamWave Massage Chair, which you can control with the intuitive, easy-to-use handheld remote. This uncommonly large variety is particularly appealing if you’re picky about your massage techniques. It has a gentler massage option designed to cater to younger users, although Inada still recommends you be 14 or older to use the chair. The programs have even been laid out in sequence, so the chair takes you through different massages as the day goes on to maximize its impact on your body.

You can get a full-body massage with this chair.

The upper-body shiatsu massage covers your neck, shoulder, arms and hands. The point locator gives you a customized back massage, using the shiatsu body scanning to conform to your particular back profile. You can also get a hip and thigh massage or a calf, foot and sole massage, which are both good for relieving muscle soreness after a day on your feet. You can enhance your massage with the deep relaxation setting, which is an upgrade option, or with soothing music by placing your phone in the chair’s smartphone pocket.

The massage chair comes in a few different color options – black, cream, dark brown and red – so you can find one to work with your interior decorating scheme. The engineers of the chair apparently strived to use Japanese influence for both the massage techniques and the look of the product, as they came up with a very sleek, good-looking model. You can contact Inada’s customer support team by phone during business hours on weekdays or by email if you have questions or concerns about your massaging chair.

The Inada DreamWave Massage Chair is expensive even for a massage chair, but it’s also one of the top massage chairs available. The shiatsu body-scanning technology and wide range of massage options ensure you get a comfortable and fully customizable massage experience.

The Titan TI-7900 Massage Chair is a full-body device that you can order in taupe, cream, black or brown. Its look is unique as a result of the creativity of designer Alan Yip, who used the same formula as first-class airplane seating. You can use the intuitive remote control to manage the MP3 connection, external speakers, chromo lighting and, of course, the massage programs.

#2 Titan TI-7900 Massage Chair

The Thai-style massage program the Titan uses works a little differently from most massage chairs. The Thai methods employ a stretch-and-fold technique for your body, which can be applied to your joints from the knee through the back. The computer body-scanning technology takes readings of your body length and curvature, mapping ideal massage points and offering more consistent pressure on your neck and lower back.

Titan uses what it calls the fall-to-sleep concept for reclining. When the seat is laid back, your armrests automatically adjust to stay in the proper massage posture relative to your body. In doing so, your arms won’t be forced into any awkward positions. The same technology is used to provide additional side-to-side adjustment for the armrests, so you can settle into your full-body massage chair no matter your size. The armrests cover three different angles for the arms and hands, giving the chair massaging capability for your whole limb.

The footrest extension works independently of the calf massager in the Titan TI-7900 Massage Chair, giving longer-legged users the ability to extend the legs to the desired distance for a comfortable leg massage.

The free warranty on this chair is one year for parts and labor, and two and three years for different parts of the unit. There are options for extended warranties at additional costs. Titan’s website includes options to call, email or fax its customer support team, or you can chat live with a representative to get your questions answered quickly.

The Titan TI-7900 Massage Chair doesn’t look so much like a traditional chair. You don’t get the long warranty or full range of advanced features as you’d expect from the best massage chair models, but it offers all the necessities of a good massaging chair.

#3 Infinity IT 9800 Inversion Therapy Massage Chair

9800The Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair provides therapeutic spinal decompression by raising your lower extremities above your heart, leading to the zero-gravity effect. This inversion therapy technique helps your body recover from gravity’s downward pull on the body, which leads to compression and strain over time. The chair delivers a variety of different massage forms and incorporates infrared heat therapy to help with muscle relaxation.

The Infinity IT-9800 is an all-leather model and has multiple colors available. You can buy this massage chair in classic black, artistic taupe, chocolate brown, ivory or burgundy, so you can get one that looks great in your home decor.

This massaging chair has eight recline position options: zero gravity, inversion therapy, V-stretch, rocking motion, bed position, back recliner, leg recliner and lumbar stretch. You can also take advantage of the calf massage, sole massage or vibration massage features, which you can control with the touch of a button. Infinity’s optical scanning technology does a once-over of your body when you climb in the chair, then identifies areas in need of attention, based on your acupuncture points. It can accommodate users of up to 350 pounds.

This lumbar heat massaging chair boasts an assortment of massage technique options. The Infinity IT-9800 works as a full-body massage chair, using Swedish, rolling, shiatsu, tapping, swing, kneading and vibration. Regardless of how far your professional knowledge of massage techniques goes, Infinity’s program is pretty straightforward and intuitive, so you can experiment with the customization options to see what works best for you.

The infrared three-level heat technology warms up your muscles and employs three different levels for customization. In all, there are 62 different functions available on the massage chair.

Infinity’s IT-9800 Massage Chair is a solid, reliable massage chair. It’s affordable, and it performs all the basic functions of the best massage chairs without overloading you. It’s also backed by a three-year warranty. The Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair gives you flexibility and comfort at a reasonable price.

#4 Luraco Massage Chair iRobotics 7 PLus

Hailed by Tech Guru as the best medical massage chair, the Luraco Massage Chair is a modern, smart full-body massage chair that increases blood flow to your body’s troubled areas while relaxing your muscles through proprietary body-stretching techniques. The chair specifically caters to those in need of medical massage treatment, and it is meant to substitute for a professional massage therapist.

Luraco is known for its advanced engineering, and the company’s massaging chairs reflect this. This massage chair features zero-gravity technology, as developed by NASA, which relieves stress and improves well-being. You can use the Android app to give yourself more in-depth control of your massage, as well as the flat-screen remote control, Bluetooth, six automatic programs and voice response (in English, French, Spanish and Vietnamese), to name a few. A music system, shoulder massager, 30-inch vertical roller track and 104 airbags make it very comfortable and customizable.

All these features can be overwhelming, but they’re definitely impressive. Luraco might offer more than you need in a massaging chair, but in case anything starts acting up, the chairs are backed by a five-year limited warranty, and the company’s U.S.-based customer service team is available by phone or email. You can usually expect answers to your email questions within one business day.

The engineers who designed the Luraco massage chair provide manufacturing, research and development for military, commercial and industrial sectors, so you don’t have to worry about the reliability of the massage chair’s technology. The chairs comply with the Federal Trade Commission and are also UL listed. If you’re going to be using your massage chair in a business setting, the United States government requires UL approval.

The Luraco Massage Chair is a top-of-the-line piece of equipment. It’s packed with features and options, and the five-year limited warranty and strong customer service team help you make sure you get the most out of your purchase. This full-body massage chair is not just for relaxation; it works as a medical tool and takes the place of a massage therapist in your home or business.

#5 Panasonic EP-MA70 Real Pro Ultra Thermal

Panasonic EP-MA70The Panasonic EP-MA70 Real Pro Ultra Thermal Massage Chair is a great example of Panasonic’s ability to apply its tech knowledge to a consumer-friendly product. This model uses ceramic heaters to replicate the hot stone treatment methods massage therapists use.

This full-body massage chair is different from many heat-driven models. For a long time, since heating was first integrated into massage chairs, heating units were stationary and installed in the fabric itself, limiting the heating range. Heated massage chairs gained popularity because of their ability to mimic hot stone spa therapy, so it makes sense that your heating source should be able to reach the entirety of your body. Panasonic thought the same thing, and it created a system in which the ceramic thermal rollers heat and massage the muscles simultaneously. The result is a soothing and pleasurable massage.

One of the best things about the massage chair is its ability to hide the calf and foot massage unit. When you’re not using it, you can rotate it to give it a more traditional chair look. Your massage chair is going to stand out regardless, but the ability to minimize the differences between the massaging chair and your other ones is a nice feature.

The best massage chairs deliver a variety of massage techniques, much like a good masseuse. A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t going to make for a lasting model, and Panasonic does a good job of utilizing both automatic and manual multi-step programs. With the MA70, you get the deep, shiatsu, hip, neck and shoulder, refresh or lower-back automatic program options, plus six more manual ones.

Panasonic includes a five-year warranty with this massaging chair. A customer service phone number, which you can call on weekdays only, and a FAQs page are available on its website.

The EP-MA70 Real Pro Ultra Thermal Massage Chair delivers the reliability and quality you’d expect from a Panasonic product. It’s on the higher end of the pricing scale, but it covers all the basics of a massage chair and adds some new features as well. The massage chair also includes a five-year warranty. This chair is great for when you want a heated massage.

Top Massage Chairs: What to Look For


Full-body massage chairs are significantly more expensive than the portable chairs masseuses take with them to their exhibits, because they’re often used for medical purposes and can serve as a long-term massage solution for your household. On the other hand, portable massage chairs are great for the professional whose job includes giving massages.


You can look for basic models that just deliver the essentials, or you can invest in enhancements such as musical speakers, sensors, programming options, high-resolution displays and zero-gravity technology. As you shop for chairs, you’ll recognize that some are built for different body types or offer features targeting specific regions of the body. If you have a particular pain point, look for a massage chair that caters to that area of your body.

Various chairs and manufacturers use different massage techniques, so if you’re partial to a particular method, you can look for a massaging chair that employs that technique. You might like shiatsu or Swedish methods, or perhaps you’re partial to kneading rather than tapping. You can find all these options in massage chairs.

Help & Support

A massage chair is a big investment. Many companies back their products with warranties, which range from one year to the product’s lifetime. A manufacturer’s warranty is a good indication of the quality of the chair, so a longer warranty is typically a good sign that you’re looking at a higher-quality product.

Some companies personally send technicians to your house if an issue arises. You can also look at purchasing a warranty from the vendor, which might mean a higher purchasing price initially, but such investments can pay off. Massage chairs are complex and expensive machines, and much like your car, there’s a certain point at which it’s better to have an expert look at the issues.


If you’re going to take your massage chair into your household, it’s worth looking for something that won’t clash with your decor or be an eyesore. Most higher-end models have different upholstery options, and you can often choose a color scheme that fits your decorating scheme. A massage chair is much larger than most chairs, even recliners, and it’s not likely to disappear into the corner without some work.

Massages can have a significant impact on your well-being. If you can afford to put a massage chair in your home, it can be a relaxing luxury or even essential medical therapy.

Benefits of Owning A Best Massage Chair

Who wants to be that individual sitting in a massage chair in the middle of the local mall?

Surely not me and I’m guessing you don’t want to be that person either.

Owning your own massage chair gives you the ability to make whatever weird noises you feel like making while the chair helps you feel incredible without worrying that the 3 year old walking past will think there’s something wrong with you.  After all, the goal is to relax and reduce the amount of pain you’re in.  It’s a lot easier to do that in the privacy of your own home.

Pain sucks –  Yet, the older we get the more we experience.  Whether it’s from sitting at a desk all day with horrible posture or driving the 2 hour trip to work every day, it seems to get worse all the time.  Through massage, you can begin to alleviate some of that pain.

Stress can kill you –  Coping mechanisms from meditation to accupuncture are all supposed to help you decrease the effect stress has on your body.  While it’s not guaranteed, a great massage can help.  A chair isn’t quite as good as a massage from a real person, but it also doesn’t require you to fly in a masseuse or move them into your home.

Better health? –  Is it possible for a massage to make you healthier?  Yes, but it’s definitely a stretch.  By reducing your stress and relieving muscle tension your body will function better.  Increased blood flow, reduction in scar tissue formation, and glowing skin are all possitive health side effects of massage.

While they’re not as good as a personal masseuse, they only have to be paid for once.  Be sure to look through our best massage chair options and select the chair that you’ll be happiest using.


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